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LeaderShape understands your organisation's needs based on many years' peer-led experience at CEO or Executive leadership level.  We have demonstrable knowledge of the issues facing individuals in the most senior positions coupled with significant experience in Transpersonal Leadership Development.   Our Indian faculty is supported by a large UK-based Faculty that has worked in-depth across many sectors, and in many countries including India.

Though there is a shortfall of 'leaders' across all sectors in India, new businesses and companies are gradually bridging the demand-supply gap.  New and fast growing businesses are recognising the need for leadership capabilities and developing those talents for the next generation of top leaders.  The requirement for employees with leadership potential is more acute in emerging sectors like technology, technological development, the electronic media, retail and customer services. In India currently, business growth is faster than the supply of human capital to fill its leadership requirements.

To deal with such a situation companies should make sure that the talent pool is both wider and more inclusive in terms of gender, caste, region, etc. Unlike other emerging nations, the talent pool in India is quite large and there is a high level of awareness among organisations recognising the issues and problem areas that hinder the building of leadership capabilities.

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The India based faculty shown below are also members of the Global LeaderShape Faculty.

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